Seaside Bridge

Springbrook Partners is evaluating companies as candidates for acquisition across the United States. While we do have preferred sectors, we care more about a company's profile and characteristics than its particular industry or geographic location.

Financial Metrics

  • Company EBITDA of $1.5-$5.0MM

  • Company EBITDA margin > 15%

  • High Free Cash Flows (i.e., low CAPEX and Working Capital)

  • High Return on Invested Capital

  • Stable and predictable Cash Flows

Industry Characteristics

  • Highly fragmented

  • High Growth (> GDP)

  • Limited cyclicality

  • Low external disruption risk

  • Stable and predictable Cash Flows

Business Dynamics

  • Recurring or reoccurring revenues (> 60% of revenue) and low cyclicality

  • Low customer concentration and long-standing customer relationships

  • High potential for organic and/or inorganic growth (and growth not reliant on significant CAPEX/Working Capital)

  • High customer switching costs

Owner/Company Situation

  • Reputable seller, simple ownership structure

  • Imminent reason for exit such as retirement, value realization, etc.

  • Willing to participate in the transition period

  • Strong and talented management/middle management team in place

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