Focus & Approach

Seaside Bridge

Financial Metrics

  • Revenues of $5-50MM

  • Strong track record of profitable historic growth

Industry Characteristics

  • Fragmented and growing

  • Limited cyclicality

Business Dynamics

  • High recurring or reoccurring revenues from a loyal customer base

  • No significant customer concentration (a little is ok)

  • Valued, mission-critical service to its customers

Owner/Company Situation

  • Reputable seller with a desire to take a step back from the business on flexible terms

  • Willing to participate in the transition period

We're not a strategic or private equity buyer, and our approach isn't the same as theirs either

After purchasing a single business (not a portfolio), John O'Brien, the firm’s founder and managing partner, will take on leadership and day-to-day management responsibilities of the acquired company through its next chapter of growth. That means moving to where the business is headquartered and showing up every day with sleeves rolled up, not monitoring financials from afar.

Springbrook follows a tried and true, values-driven approach

The group of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and experienced investors behind Springbrook have collectively steered hundreds of SMBs over the last several decades. We're guided by three key principles to create long-term value for sellers, employees, and customers.


Founders and owners of great businesses dedicate years or decades of their lives to building them. That legacy will be protected and grown, continuing to provide value for employees and customers.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Strategic and financial (private equity) buyers generally achieve returns through expected synergies or aggressive cost cutting. Springbrook aims to take an already successful company to the next level on its own merits: by growing the business.  

Long-Term Growth

Companies are operated day-to-day and month-to-month, but great companies shouldn't mortgage their future for short-term gain. Our mindset places emphasis on 6 years from now, not just 6 months.