Mission & Approach

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A recent survey reported that 58% of American small businesses have no succession plan in place. While many business owners have not created a plan because they still enjoy running their companies, the study's top results in a poll of "Transition Goals" reveal another reason for hesitation: a sense of stewardship.

  1. Ensuring company remains viable in the long run.

  2. Taking care of employees.

  3. Ensuring customers are taken care of.


Not only do I understand and respect these goals, I founded Springbrook Partners because I share and want to achieve them as a successor owner-operator.


Springbrook Partners is searching for a single, healthy, private company to purchase and lead through its next chapter of growth. It is guided by a three pillar approach designed to create value for all stakeholders.


We understand the pride business owners take in their companies, often having devoted years or decades of their lives to building them. Springbrook Partners wants to protect and build on that legacy, continuing to provide value for employees and customers.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Unlike Private Equity firms, which often increase profits through aggressive cost-cutting and other methods, Springbrook Partners plans to take an already successful company to the next level on its own merits: by growing the business.  

Long-Term Growth

Companies are operated day-to-day and month-to-month, but great companies are made by looking forward and creating a vision for the long run. Springbrook Partners wants to help its acquired company be successful 6 months from now and 6 years from now.

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